The Soft Tissue Challenge in Esthetic Implantology

with Dr. Egon Euwe

May 15 – 16, 2020 in Lurago D’Erba, Italy


“Invisible Single Tooth Replacement” in the Esthetic zone has been considered for decades one of the pinnacles of Implantology. This procedure embraces surgical aspects of both hard & soft tissue preservation, reconstruction versus the volume reducing remodeling processes triggered off by the extraction and/or previous dental pathology. The Rootmimetic approach, using the intact ridge as a Reference, focusses on buccal and crestal augmentation techniques creating the illusion of the presence of the root. Modern implant systems have “multilevel” options: the clinician can choose the level of the prosthetic platform ranging from bone to intermediate to tissue level Once the implant is placed there should be a sufficient amount of soft tissue present to host the biologic width this is fundamental to preserve the crestal bone:  the longevity of the restoration depends on it!

Innovative “bottle neck” emergence profiles going from the narrow conical connection to the anatomical perimeter of the coronal part of the replaced tooth in a 3-4mm transmucosal “tunnel” play an important role in creating an optimized seal towards the vulnerable bone, bringing stability of the soft tissue and ease of maintenance (cleaning). Soft Tissue Management is of key importance in the workflow of both immediate & delayed post extraction implant cases in single or partially edentulous patients to recapture the original ridge volume and optimized tooth inclination & root profiles even in Pontic sites. Besides the buccal volume and profile also the papilla will be among the exiting topics of this course.


  • Why, when, how to optimize the pink interface
  • How Soft tissue interacts with bone
  • Harvesting and suturing techniques
  • How to measure and obtain longevity of our results
  • How deep do we place an implant?
  • New school prosthetic design, what’s different?



Why, When, Where & How to Optimize the Pink Interface


  • Rebuilding the original Ridge volume
  • Pink interface in layers / Biologic width/traction seal
  • Synergy between Bone-Soft Tissue
  • The Timing options within the workflow
  • Harvesting techniques-donorsites
  • Suturing
  • “Bio-smart” prosthetic design
  • Clinical examples with numerous videos and follow-up in time of the enhanced soft tissue around the final prostheses.



Live Surgery Part 1

Case will take 1-1h30 with a short explanation before the live surgery shown with 4 K video technology and 2-way audio. Cases according to available patients.

Live Surgery Part 2

Case will take 1-1h30 with a short explanation before the live surgery shown with 4 K video technology and 2-way audio. Cases according to available patients.


Live Surgery & Hands-On Workshop


The workshop will address some of the most frequently applied procedures to boost the biotype and enhancing volume and keratinized tissue


  • Full and partial thickness flaps
  • Micro surgical technique with 5.0 and 6.0 monofilament sutures
  • Disk graft applications for thicker tissue
  • Soft tissue harvesting techniques
  • Buccal & apical repositioning techniques


Live Surgery Part 3

Case will take 1-1h30 with a short explanation before the live surgery shown with 4 K video technology and 2-way audio. Cases according to available patients.

Live Surgery Part 4

Case will take 1-1h30 with a short explanation before the live surgery shown with 4 K video technology and 2-way audio. Cases according to available patients.


Group Dinner


Dr. Egon Euwe


Dr. Euwe obtained his degree in 1982 at the University of Utrecht (Holland).  Since 1986 his main interests in the dental field have been periodontics and oral implantology.  Following numerous post-graduate courses, Dr. Euwe completed under Dr. Sascha Jovanovic at UCLA numerous postgraduate courses from 1992 to 1996.  He is the co-author of several scientific publications and worked at the Department of Periodontology with Prof. Massimo Simion at Milan University. 

Dr. Euwe practices comprehensive implant dentistry including surgical and restorative aspects with his patients in his clinic in Lurago D’Erba, close to Milan, Italy. In this two-day interactive course, participants will be in close contact with him in a limited group at his private clinic and training center. 

In the Global Master Clinician program Egon is a very much appreciated gIDE faculty member, known for his fine A to Z clinical work, keen eye for details and his realistic humble way of teaching sharing all his tricks and tips with the audiences worldwide. His approach to soft tissue management is not only optimizing the esthetic outcomes by bringing volume in the right place but he also focuses on crestal bone preservation delivering enough thickness to host the biologic width combined with a bio-friendly prosthetic design in the “hidden” transgingival part.  In his teaching he presents a logical clinical workflow simplifying the techniques whenever possible making it all very accessible to the everyday dental work of all the participants.

Dr. Euwe lectures internationally on different topics and has become especially sought after for his expertise on executing and teaching soft tissue enhancement techniques and was the first lecturer to introduce to the dental profession new terminologies such as “Boosting the Biotype”, Rootmimetics and Disk grafts.

His analytic and educational capacities resulted in collaborations with the Milan Universities, several Implant and Dental companies like Nobel Biocare (over 20 years), Mc Bio, HuFriedy, Omnia and since 2016 with the innovative French implant company Anthogyrth, recently part of the Straumann group.

Dr. Euwe is an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and a faculty member of Global Institute for Dental Education (gIDE). 


The Soft Tissue Challenge in Esthetic Implantology

Course fee: €1490  ($1,615 USD)


May 15 – 16, 2020 | Registration includes 2 day Curriculum,  16 CE, gIDE Certificate, meals & breaks

Cancellation Policy: Registration includes admission to the course, lunch and break refreshments. Cancellation fee is $500 up to forty five (45) days prior to each program. After that date, there will be no refunds. gIDE may cancel scheduled courses up to thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled start of the course if certain attendance minimums are not met. Customer Travel Costs: gIDE is not responsible for reimbursing prepaid (including non-refundable) customer travel costs. It is recommended that customers who elect to incur travel costs for a training course, schedule and purchase airfare and hotel accommodations with this in mind.



Relais La California
Località California, 2  – 23895
Nibionno (LC) Italy




Dr. Egon Euwe Dental Clinic & Training Center
Via Roma, 92
22040 Lurago d’Erba, Italy

** Transportation to the clinic is provided **