Oct 24 - 28, 2023 in Sydney, Australia with Dr. Sascha A. Jovanovic and Dr. Christopher Ho

During the first 5 days of the one-year comprehensive Master Clinician Implant program will feature digital planning, the surgical aspects of bone, soft tissue, and implant management including the critical steps in osseointegration and implant site development for long-term success, function and esthetics. Extraction sites, Implant system choice and implant site preparation for different bone sites and regenerative steps for GBR procedures will be discussed.
The restorative steps involved in osseointegration and implant prosthodontics will cover multiple teeth and single tooth restorations. Accurate impression taking, fit of framework, screw-retained vs cemented, abutment choice and occlusal design are highlighted in detail.

Live Surgery:
Patient demonstration will show a surgical treatment of a moderate bone defect with implant placement and GBR graft.

Hands-on workshops will be performed in plastic and fresh porcine jaw models and soft and hard bone models. The class will use microsurgical Hu-Friedy hand instruments, resorbable nylon and PTFE suture materials, W&H drill units, Straumann implant system, and bone regenerative materials. The focus will be to train suturing techniques, implant extraction site placement, and moderate GBR procedures.

  • Osseointegration, Bone Physiology, Anatomy, Implant selection and long term results
  • Immediate function vs traditional healing periods
  • Patient selection, clinical evaluation and risk management
  • Diagnostics, radiographic evaluation and 3D Digital Planning of the implant case
  • Guided templates: guided templates vs surgical stents
  • Abutment selection and design: titanium and zirconia
  • Digital smile design and digital photography
  • Digital 3D planning of implant and guided implant placement
  • Hands-on workshop: IOS scanning workflow: Tips and tricks 3Shape scanning for gingival emergence profile
  • Prosthetic implant planning and start of restorative phase
  • Single-tooth and multiple teeth restorations
  • Impression techniques: closed and open tray
  • Cemented vs. screw retained prosthesis
  • Occlusal design and guards, and prosthetic frame work materials
  • Implant prosthetic complications
  • Hands-on workshop: Immediate implant temporization
  • Osseointegration, Bone Physiology, Anatomy, Implant selection and long term results
  • 5 Criteria for implant success and loading protocols
  • Office set-up, patient selection and preparation, and pre and post medications
  • Standard vs. complex/advanced case surgical treatment planning
  • Esthetic anterior implant placement vs non-esthetic posterior implant placement
  • 1/2 Day Live surgery: patient demonstration with implant and bone/soft tissue management
  • GBR Grafting protocol: simultaneous with implant placement and staged implant placement
  • Extraction site management: immediate, early and late implant placement with their respective protocols
  • Principles of guided bone regeneration and augmentation: autologous, bone substitutes, bone grafts and GBR membranes
  • Surgical complications of implant therapy and their management
  • Hands-on workshop: Extraction site implant placement
  • 1/2 Day Hands-on workshop: Implant placement  / tissue management / extraction socket treatment / guided bone regeneration protocol
  • Flap design / incisions / sutures / hand instruments
  • Implant placement protocol without grafting, implant stability and site preparation
  • Surgical complications and their management

Daily Schedule 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (approximately) | Hourly program available on Day 1 of each session |Program is subject to change.

Feb 28 - March 2, 2024 in Sydney, Australia with Dr. Egon Euwe and Dr. David Dunn

During Session II all aspects of soft tissue management and grafting before, during and after implant placement will be discussed as well as the complications seen with these procedures. Live Surgery demonstrations by faculty and the hands-on workshop in upper porcine models will highlight these procedures using microsurgical instruments and sutures. Advanced implant prosthodontics will be covered with lectures on full-mouth implant restorations, and mixed teeth/implant cases.

  • Flap design, incisions, suture materials for soft tissue management
  • Augmentation of keratinized tissue
  • Augmentation of soft tissue volume
  • Hands-on workshop with different soft tissue management and grafting procedures/li>
  • Complications
  • Case I presentations by class
  • Periodontal considerations around implants and health of peri-implant mucosa
  • Biologic width and abutment materials and design
  • Implant uncovering and mucogingival procedures
  • Soft tissue grafting using autogenous and alternative options
  • Minimal Invasive soft tissue techniques
  • Optimal esthetic implant position and hard and soft tissue grafting
  • Exam #2 (Session I Material)
  • Esthetic implant therapy
  • Soft tissue esthetic update and outcomes
  • Interdisciplinary approach: Perio–Pros–Ortho Connection
  • Complications in the esthetic zone and soft tissue problems
  • Advanced Implant Prosthodontics
  • Fixed full mouth rehabilitation – implants and teeth
  • All ceramic bridge work and pink porcelain indications
  • Framework fit and one-piece prostheses vs.segments
  • Screw retained vs. cemented
  • Abutment material and design
  • Occlusal schemes
  • Workshop: Case presentation and planning by class participants

Daily Schedule 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (approximately) | Hourly program available on Day 1 of each session |Program is subject to change.

June 19 - 22, 2024 in Sydney, Australia with Dr Sascha Jovanovic and Dr Glen Liddelow

The surgical aspect will focus on advanced implant procedures, ridge grafting, sinus augmentation, periimplantitis and complications in implant dentistry. The choice of implant design and its benefits in deficient and poor-quality bone will be presented.
The restorative aspect will focus on full-arch solutions using the analog and full digital workflow, the optimal implant position, abutment choice and the evidence and experience to deliver long-term results.

Live Surgery:
The patient treatment by faculty will focus on the surgical implant treatment of patients with advanced jaw resorption.

The class students will practice procedures using 1) Straumann engaging BLX implants in special plastic models, 2) GBR horizontal and vertical bone augmentation with Resorbable collagen and non-Resorbable PTFE membranes, bone grafts and Growth Factors in fresh pig jaw models, 3) Full-arch implant placement and restoration in special plastic models.

  • Advanced Ridge and sinus augmentation using GBR protocols
  • New bone grafting techniques using wound healing accelerators
  • Edentulous maxilla solutions, options and results
  • Ridge and sinus augmentation complications
  • Exam # 5 (Session II material)
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Sinus bone grafting: lateral window, osteotome results and complications
  • Hands-on workshop: implant surgery, bone grafting and soft tissue grafting
  • Case II presentations by class students graded by gIDE faculty
  • Live surgery: 2 cases with advanced surgery and implant placement
  • Esthetic implant restorations
  • Immediate extraction site implants and temporization
  • Zirconia vs. PFM implant crowns
  • Cad cam restorations
  • Zirconia and Titanium frameworks
  • Cad cam design and manufacturing vs. conventional fabrication
  • Workshop: Implant Temporization

Daily Schedule 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (approximately) | Hourly program available on Day 1 of each session |Program is subject to change.

Sep 23 - 27, 2024 in Santa Monica, California

During the final 5 days of the Master Clinician Program new Research and Clinical Advances in Implant Dentistry, Radiology, Periodontics, Pharmacology, Oral Surgery and Oral Biology will be presented by the Program Chairman. Throughout the week implant patients will be presented with advanced and new technology treatment plans in lecture and live surgery format.