Full Immersion in Prosthetic Rehabilitation: New & Innovative Paradigms


with Dr. Francesco Mintrone & Dr. Giacomo Fabbri

October 16 – 19, 2019

in Fiumana, Italy

Full-immersion in Innovative & New Paradigms in Prosthetic Rehabilitation



with Dr. Francesco Mintrone & Dr. Giacomo Fabbri

October 16 – 29, 2019

in Fiumana, Italy


The aim of this course is to outline a systematic approach to prosthetic rehabilitation and show the clinician how to confidently address comprehensive treatment involving bridges, crowns, veneers and onlays on natural dentition and on implants from a single restoration to full-mouth rehabilitation. A systematic approach, especially for complex rehabilitations, is an indispensable means for achieving optimal final results from the esthetic as well as biological and functional viewpoints. This course will also take into consideration the new digital approach to prosthetic rehabilitation by following the concept of the “Digital Patient”, providing the highest grade of information to obtain a predictable prosthetic result.



  • Communicating Effectively With the Patient in the First Appointment
  • Elaborating The Ideal Treatment Plan For Different Conditions
  • Managing Extensive and Complex Rehabilitations
  • Treating Challenging Esthetic Cases
  • Complete Monolithic Reconstruction on Teeth and Implant Prosthesis
  • Increasing the Vertical Dimension
  • Management of Soft Tissue Around Teeth and Implants
  • Becoming Familiar With Digital Dentistry


  • New Trends to Idealize Bone and Soft Tissue Integration Around Implants
  • Maximizing Biological / Esthetic Integration and Achieving Reliable Prosthetic Outcomes
  • Selection and Management of Restorative Material
  • New Trends on Teeth Preparation


DAY 1 


  • Esthetic analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Esthetic and functional treatment planning

Live Demos and Hands-On:  

  • Facebow and occlusal records on patient
  • Facebow taking
  • Centric relation records
  • Collecting and transferring instructions to dental technician



  • Differences between the traditional path and the digital approach
  • Intra-oral scanner: Key point to obtain precise scanning
  • Natural head position to orient the occlusal plan in digital dentistry
  • The systematic approach to digital rehabilitation
  • The Digital Patient Concept (DPC); a step headed in the team approach
  • The Snap-on Mock-up: Pre-visualization of the final prosthetic outline
  • Intra-oral scanning in implant dentistry
  • Evaluation of the scan-body shape to obtain a predictable result
  • Passivation of the framework in full arch rehabilitation on implants
  • Digital materials: Zirconia – how to handle one of the most popular materials

Live Demos and Hands-On:  

  • Digital impression hands-on
  • Digital Patient Concept demonstration
  • Digital Photography demonstration



  • Modern concepts in restorative dentistry
  • Integration of the temporary restoration;  Parts 1 and 2


  • Creation of the DDA mock-up in extensive rehabilitations with an ideal anterior dental composition 
  • Mock-up and Provisional relining, refining, finishing
  • Step-by step minimal-invasive teeth preparation for partial and complete restorations on dental models



  • Innovations and current trends using zirconia based restoration
  • Innovations and current trends on implant prosthesis Parts 1 and 2

Lecture and Video:  

  • Classification of adhesive cement and clinical indications
  • Isolation techniques: Tips and tricks for the daily practice
  • Try on patient and shade color evaluation
  • Step-by-step procedures in a case with partial and complete restorations

Dr. Francesco Mintrone


Dr. Mintrone began his career as a dental technician and in particular, as a ceramist. Following his Degree in Dentistry with a prize at the University of Modena Italy, he began to improve his knowledge in prosthetic dentistry and implant surgery. He is an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and has his own dental practice, specializing in aesthetics in prosthetics.

Dr. Giacomo Fabbri


Dr. Fabbri is an Active Member of the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry (A.I.O.P), a prestigious scientific Academy in the field of esthetic and prosthetic dentistry. He has published several international articles in peer-reviewed journals and lectured in Italy and abroad on topics related to fixed prosthodontics and implant prosthodontics with specific interest on esthetics, new materials and minimally invasive approach. He works at Ban Mancini Fabbri Specialist Dental Practice, located in Cattolica, Italy in the field of esthetics and prosthetic rehabilitation on natural teeth and implants.

Dr. Sascha Jovanovic & Dr. Giacomo Fabbri discuss a new direction in implant dentistry and how they’re changing components to improve tissue stability around implants.





4 Day Lecture & Hands-On Prosthetic course in Fiumana, Italy – $2,900 USD (€2500)

Includes 4 day Curriculum, Certificate from gIDE and 32 CE Credits


October 16 – 19, 2019 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at Dental Trey Course Center

4 days of Lectures and Hands-On as well as breaks, lunches, welcome reception & 1 group dinner


You may fly into Marconi Airport in Bologna, Italy. Located approx. 40 miles/70km from Fiumana.

Dental Trey Course Center

8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Via B. Partisani 3, 47016

Fiumana, Italy

Contact:  Alice +39 0543 929157

Dental Trey Course Center


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